When deciding to start a portrait or figurative work I am usually motivated by something I find uncommon in the subject. You could say uncommon beauty, but in a broad or unconventional way of appreciating beauty.  Unlike my work in other genres I previously not work in series, but I would find something appealing in an individual, finish the work, and then move on to the next subject.  More recently this has changed as my human subject matter is more related to social justice issues such as society's classification and implied value of workers, professional titles, and the under appreciation of blue-collar work in traditional rural communities.

            Figurative                                                            Abstract                                                         Landscape

This genre reflects observations from travel and various places I have lived.  I usually try to explore one subject or theme by developing a series of similar pieces while varying color schemes and levels of realism or abstraction. I am often drawn toward examples of repetition and harmony in nature when choosing subject matter.  These patterns observed in the actual world often serve as memories or compositional inspirations when working in more abstract work.


My abstract work has developed as a personal response to the overly cold and impersonal culture in our modern society, my fascination with nature, and my growing concerns about our environment. In the last two decades I have seen technology change the basic way many people communicate and interact, both socially and professionally.  Although I myself frequently use these same technologies, I find myself often reminiscing for a simpler life that does not rely on technology for happiness or entertainment.  Most recently the abstractions have focused on nature, changes in climate and seasons, and my growing concerns about the environment.