Richard Lubben © 2013

My latest work (2015-present) has primarily focused on creating a series of large format abstract oil and/or oil bar paintings examining the visual transitions of landscapes through seasonal changes, memories of nature, and concerns about the future of our delicate ecosystems.  This series currently consists of nine canvases that developed through a metamorphosis of layers of color, shapes, texture, and mark-making with paint and oil bars. Some of the pieces have gone through changes taking several years to complete.  The frequent transitions, and at times uncertainty where the work is heading is part of the personal significance of the series, and I believe helps me reflect on the current struggle on our planet to find a sustainable balance and harmony.  

Above left: Environment Series #8

Oil & Oil Bar on Canvas, 100X130 cm

​​Above right: Cane Worker Series #2, Oil on Canvas

About the artist:

Like most artists I am influenced by my surrounding and of course by change.  As a young student, and later an artist and educator, I have always felt the desire to travel to see new places, and experience new cultures.  The unique and various physical surroundings, and particularly the cultural difference of various places and people have been my artistic inspiration for many years.  The time I have spent living in and among Hispanic communities throughout the United States, Mexico and Caribbean has had critical influence on my work throughout the last three decades.